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Vision & Mission



Our Mission:

“Engage people so they can experience life change in Jesus.”

Our Vision:

“Developing our TEAMMATES to prioritize for FUTURE growth”


Come and See

Engage people through events and experiences that lead to sharing the gospel and the worship of Jesus. (John 1:39)

Come and Follow

Encourage people to care for one another as a family. (Matthew 4:19)

Come and Be with Me

Empower people through volunteering as a team inside the church and volunteering as a team to serve the community. (Mark 3:13 – 14)


Remain in Me

Equip people to lead and multiply others to experience life change in Jesus. Followers of Jesus that make followers of Jesus. (John 15:4 – 8)

Elevation Code:

PEOPLE: We will make the person a priority over programs.
CELEBRATION: What is celebrated gets done, so let’s party.
GRACE: We will accept people where they are and care for them to where they can be.
POSITIVE: We will be known for what we are for not for what we are against.
OWNERSHIP: We will always bring solutions not problems.
COACH: We will make training and equipping of others a priority.
STATISTICS: We will track the numbers that matter to the team.
GENEROSITY: We will believe that you can’t out give God.
FUTURE FOCUS: We will seek what can be not what was.

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