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Community Groups


A Place to Belong

At ElevationCC, we want to encourage people through the mess of community and we believe people grow in their relationship with Jesus best in GROUPS.  Groups create one of the best environments for a person to grow in their relationship with Jesus and others. We feel that it is important for you to understand what we mean when it comes to Groups here at ElevationCC.

Why Groups?

  • We grow followers of Jesus in a community because Jesus did it that way. 

  • We need a relationship with others because God created us that way.

  • We need relationships with other people because life gets messy.

  • We need a relationship with others to become healthy as a follower of Jesus.

  • We need relationships with others because we can accomplish more together.

Please check out our current Groups schedule in the window at the bottom of the page, then you can sign-up for a Group, apply to be a Group Leader, access additional materials, or contact our Groups Coordinator, Katelynn Fountain using the links below.

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