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We value encouraging people in the mess of Community.  We believe that happens best in Community Groups.  These groups create one of the best environments for a person to grow in their relationship with Jesus and others.  

We believe Jesus has not called us to just be fans of His but to be followers.  This is the place you can take your first step to get out of your seat and into the game to discover your church and your place on the team..

At Elevation we are so excited about our Middle school and High school students.  They are part of the services and students can serve anywhere in the church an adult can. Our pastor believes the students of today are not the church of tomorrow, they are the church of today.


It is our hope the kids who come to Elevation have a great time.  In fact, we want it to be one of the greatest days of their week.  We want them to be so excited about E-Kidz they will drag their mom and dad to Elevation.  At Elevation, we believe it is important to have a safe and secure area for all the kids who are in our care. 

We are so excited you want to find out about what is going on at Elevation.  Here is the calendar we have almost everything on; we are always adding new things and trying new things.  That is why we say ALMOST.

We know it is important to be able to update the information you want the people of Elevation to have when it comes to you and/or your family. When you follow the link and have attended Elevation we will make sure you get the login information for you and/or your family.